Lament for the Living


Lament for the Living
Lament for the Living

We’ve seen society crumble and fall, devoured by the hordes of undead hungry for living flesh.  That was then.  The dead still walk the earth, the infection is still a very real threat to the survivors of the zombie apocalypse.  What now?

‘Lament for the Living’ is the story of the survivors, in a world of old school, slow zombies. Sacks, and the other inhabitants of the Sanctuary, lead by Tobias and his Rangers, have their lives destroyed for a second time following the appearance of black smoke on the horizon. When Sacks is given the opportunity to join the Rangers she leaves behind Rat, the closest thing she has to a brother, as they head out to investigate the smoke.

Their lives will never be the same again.


5 Star reviews:

Definitely Recommended Reading
Humanity endures
Well worth a read
If you’re looking for a fast paced horror novel, then you’re going to love this..
Great zombie book from a new author
A must read for all Zombie Fans

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