Hannibal House

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‘Sometimes you don’t choose the house, the house chooses you’.

The supernatural story of a house that attracts lost souls. Set in South West Wales, Hannibal House tells the story of Troy who leaves Seattle in search of his roots.

Unsure of what he’s really looking for, Troy comes across Hannibal House. Immediately infatuated with the building he sets out to possess it, or is the house aiming to possess him…


Thoughts of a Scot: Now this was a very interesting, if somewhat creepy, read. Troy buys Hannibal House after the previous inhabitant died, he doesn’t notice it has a creepy vibe but people in town warn him away from the house. Delivery guys RUN from the house and the house itself warns him away.

I really enjoyed this story. You can tell the author has written what he knows and loves, no not creepy haunted houses (although, I don’t know, maybe he does love haunted houses), he writes about Wales. The way he describes Wales lets you know he loves his country and wants others to know it.

A very quick read but it really was quite creepy … especially the ending *shiver* Goopy men, eurgh.