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A Nibble of Lament for the Living Book 2

It has been a very long time since I’ve worked on the sequel to Lament for the Living.  The good news is that I now have the opportunity to finally get the second part completed. There is some work to do in bringing all the various bits of chapters that I’ve written and saved in different locations together.

Then it’s just a matter of:

  • writing the rest of the story
  • Edit
  • Second proof read
  • Second edit
  • Beta reader input
  • Final proof read and edit
  • Format for e-book
  • Format for print
  • Finalise cover art and design
  • Proof the final versions
  • Register the ISBNs
  • Set release date
  • Market release
  • Release

Not much to do really. In the mean time, here’s a little bit from the beginning of book 2. It provides a bit of backstory that links in to book 1 and recaps some of what has happened to get us to where we are.

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Lament for the Living – Gahiji’s Poetry Book

In ‘Lament for the Living’ there’s a scene where the character Gahiji is trying to make sense of all the violence and killing, not just from the Outbreak, but also from his own past experiences in Rwanda.

It’s a flashback scene where he finds a small book of poetry by Robert Burns, and in it he reads the poem “Man was made to mourn; a Dirge”.

Excerpt from Chapter 13: Second Watch

During their travels they stopped overnight in a house at the end of a dirt track.  The place was a mess, it smelled of death, but the dead were long gone.  It looked like the house was in a time warp, untouched for sixty years.  The only things that gave away that it had been lived in were a DAB radio and flat screen television.  Gahiji had found a small book, no more than three inches by four inches.  A padded cover in orange and green tartan gave no clue as to the content.  He opened it to a random page and read the following:

Man was made to mourn: A Dirge
Many and sharp the num’rous ills
Inwoven with our frame!
More pointed still we make ourselves
Regret, remorse, and shame!
And man, whose heav’n-erected face
The smiles of love adorn, –
Man’s inhumanity to man
Makes countless thousands mourn!

There it was, “Man’s inhumanity to man”, in black in white.  Gahiji had seen it many times since in various guises.  The Outbreak had broken the thread that bound humanity together.  People were animals, and animals were treated inhumanely as a matter of course.  He had found the legend in the book about the author, Robert Burns who had been dead for three hundred years.  His words echoing across the centuries, as true now as they were then.  Gahiji still had the small book.  He carried it with him to remind him of the true nature of Man.  Other poems in the book rejoiced in life, and spoke of hope, like Pandora’s box.  Despite everything he had seen, Gahiji also clung onto hope.

Some of you readers out there already know that many of the places in my stories are based on real areas, well that passage was based on a real book that’s been in my family for nearly forty years:

This small book was the inspiration for the section in Lament for the Living where Gahiji makes sense of the world.
This small book was the inspiration for the section in Lament for the Living where Gahiji makes sense of the world.
Poems by Robert Burns
The book has been in my family for years, a gift from my uncle to my father.
Even a Nicol made it in the book.
Although ‘Man was made to mourn: A Dirge’ (1784) isn’t actually in the book, another Nicol is.


Poems by Robert Burns – a “Midget” Classic is the book.  And interestingly, although the book made it into my book, the poem that did, didn’t make it into that book.

Anyhoo, thought that was a nice bit of trivia for you all.

Lament for the Living – Now Available in Paperback

Paperback and e-reader formats. Signed paperback copies are also available
Paperback and e-reader formats. Signed paperback copies are also available

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Lament for the Living’ is now available in paperback.

Lament for the Living – Paperback edition

The print copy has some additional features that were omitted from the ebook version for formatting reasons.  Although there is no difference to the story, the paperback is my original vision for the book.

Changes in the paperback version:

  • Proper ‘verso’ page at the beginning of the book.
  • Names with special characters are included correctly.
  • Diary entry is handwritten.

There have been requests for a hardback version, but that will not be happening as I don’t feel the book is long enough to warrant it.  Although, once the series is complete, I will be releasing a hardback anthology that includes all the books.

All the best

Lament for the Living is OUT NOW! And free scifi ebook

Tadadadaaaaaaa ‘Lament for the Living’ is out.  The first book in the Lament for the Living series that follows the Survivors of a zombie.  It’s also one of the few zombie books written by a British author, and set in the UK (Wales to be precise).

Here be the links to said tome:

So far it’s been read in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada and is even being perused by the Man in the Mun!

The release of ‘Lament for the Living’ coincided with the one year anniversary of ‘The Deluge of Elias’ which is FREEEEEEE this weekend as a double whammy celebration.

Along with promoting these titles over social media, I’ve also starting writing the next release which is a prequel to ‘The Deluge of Elias’.  Set roughly now, the new (as yet untitled) book covers the cataclysm that leaves the inhabitants of The Dome as the only surviving humans.  This first book in the series covers the cataclysm, aftermath, and the survivors realisation they are the last humans, and everything else is gone.

It’s all very exciting.

Find my other work here:

Have a great weekend peeps.

The Curse of Self-Promotion

Although I like the sound of my own voice, I don’t like to blow my own trumpet.  That has put me in conflict with my feelings about pimping out my work.  How much is too much?  Where is the line that differentiates between promotion, and feed swamping?

I’m a sensitive flower (no really) and I’ve dumped numerous indie authors on Twitter because they use their account as basically a one way pipe for their self-promotion. Hardly any interaction with anyone else, just constant “Hey look at my book” and “Another 5* review” and then the retweets of retweets… GAHHH!  Then they take to Facebook to crow about how they’re in “twitter jail” – oh what fun.  No, it’s not actually. Being in Twitter jail means that you’ve posted so much that even Twitter wants you to shut up and give someone else a chance.

Okay, this is where I don my cloak of hypocrisy. I’ve got a book coming out on May 10th. ‘Lament for the Living’ – a zombie book, but it’s not about the zombies. It’s about the societies that evolve and are destroyed after the zombie apocalypse. Now here’s the thing. If I don’t start pimping it out, especially on release, no one will know it exists.

My problem is doing this without pissing off the people who follow me on Twitter and facebook. So what I am going to do is let people know in advance, that at certain times I am going to be posting ONLY about ‘Lament for the Living’, but they won’t be scheduled, or automatic posts – it’ll still be me, I’ll still be there posting/writing/chatting.

So here it is: I am going to be a complete self-promoting whore in the run up, and after the launch of ‘Lament for the Living’. I apologise for the spam, but it’s a necessary evil.

However, to make up for it, I’ll also be giving away copies of ‘Lament for the Living.  All you have to do to enter my super duper ebook draw is like the official ‘Lament for the Living’ facebook page:

Get a sneak peek at the first chapter for FREE!

Currently it’s .prc (DRM free for Kindle) or .pdf only.
Kindle/.prc – Download Here
PDF – Download Here

Download, read, enjoy. Let me know what you think.

While you’re waiting for ‘Lament for the Living’ to be released the following titles are also available:
Hannibal House by David Nicol   The Deluge of Elias by David Nicol
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Lament for the Living Final Cover

It is with great pleasure that I release today two exciting pieces of news.  The first is that a benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been solely responsible for securing a block of ISBNs for the upcoming ‘Lament for the Living’ and future titles.  I cannot thank that person enough and will ensure that a similar kindness is contributed in the same vein.

The ISBN for ‘Lament for the Living’ is 978-0-9575452-0-5.

To coincide with this amazing turn of events I wanted to create new cover art that was more eye-catching and announce them both at the same time.  So here it is:

Lament for the Living by David Nicol
Lament for the Living ISBN 978-0-9575452-0-5

Lament for the Living will be released in May 2013.  I’m still looking for review readers who will receive advance copies in February.  If you would like to participate, please get in touch.

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