tbfMedia is run by, and publishes the works of, independent author David Nicol.

What does this mean for you, the reader?

It means that you get to read the books as they were intended, and not edited in response to market forces. 

What about the quality?

All works published have gone through a rigorous series of edits, checks, and proofing. The difference is that all creative and editorial control is maintained by the author. 

Why independent publisher?

When I began writing seriously it was obvious to me that as an author I’m not geared for the traditional publishing world. I looked into the traditional publishing and decided that as a business model it wasn’t right for me. I didn’t (and don’t) like the idea of giving up control of my works in return for a tiny proportion of the profits. Alternatively there was self-publishing which allows an author to create and publish their work on a number of platforms. However, as I am in the UK, access to these services were severely limited. The situation is better now with most services allowing UK authors to directly access the services but back then it was preferable to utilise them via a publisher.

There were no requirements on the nature of the publisher and, as I was already controlling all other aspects of the process, I looked into creating my own publishing company. Thus tbfMedia was born.

The next time you’re wondering what the real difference between a traditionally published author, and an independently published author is, ask yourself this: When looking for your favourite author, do you search by the author’s name, or their publisher?

If you’d like to try ‘before you buy‘ then check out ‘Hannibal House‘ which is free on Smashwords.