Retiring the Facebook Pages

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facebook logo

When I post something to the facebook pages for my author page, or the book pages they are seen by hardly anyone, unless they are liked and shared by fellow internetravellers. Of course, if I wanted to ensure that every single person who has ever liked my pages was guaranteed to see my posts then all I have to day is pay facebook, and they make it happen… I’m not comfortable with that. facebook advertising (like adwords) does not have a reliable conversion rate for the likes of me. Perhaps if I was selling fake Armani goods, penis strengthening and lengthening devices, or some mysterious powder that was guaranteed to get you seriously ripped(!) in six weeks GUARANTEED, then it would be an option. But I like to see a return on my investment.

As such I’m retiring the facebook “business” pages. They won’t be closed down or deleted (until such time as facebook remove them for inactivity that is), they just won’t be used from now on. Instead readers are encouraged to follow my personal facebook profile. The majority of my posts are public, and so you can expect to see something new pretty much every day (which is a lot more regularly than you’re getting on the “business” pages).

Twitter remains the same, as does google+ (although I don’t use that as often as I should). For any announcements, they will be made via this website first.

Thank you all for being a wonderfully supportive bunch, and I look forward to seeing you popping up here, there and internettywhere.