Publishing in 2013

If you’re an author, or writer (horses for courses, titles are vitals) and you put your work out there for the public to buy then you need to accept the reality that you’re not writing for YOU any more.  It may be a hobby for you, and a hobby it may stay, but even the most vehement hobbyist secretly wishes to be discovered.  Look at EL James.  She wrote arguably the worst book ever written and has become immensely successful off the back of it.  Well done love, you give us all hope.

And that brings us to the reality of publishing – traditional publishing:

“Publishers are in the business of selling books, not publishing books.

The dirty business of publishing is simply the means to the bookselling ends. The publishing industry has always been built around a model of scarcity and exclusivity. Publishers want to acquire and publish only those titles they think have the greatest commercial potential. They reject all the rest as riff raff, and then they carefully meter out their chosen books in seasonal catalogs.”


The publishers saw the buzz around Fiddy Shaves and that was enough.  They saw the Golden Goose and worked out it was ready to lay.  And boy did it lay!

So for those of you who are considering prostrating yourselves at the feet of the traditional publishing gods, I suggest you read the whole of Mark Coker’s 21 Publishing Predictions for 2013.  It’s informative and validates many of my preconceptions about publishing which I’ve previously written about (but obviously – what the hell do I know?).

2013 looks to be the real coming of age of ebooks, but it will also be a difficult time with many more established and new authors producing works, as well as out of print books getting a new lease of life via digital publication.  How the traditional publishers attempt to maintain their stranglehold on the business, or evolve to embrace it remains to be seen.

Whatever happens, 2013 will definitely be interesting times.  A year that I look forward to with the launch of my first book ‘Lament for the Living‘.

What about you?  How do you see the writing/publishing scene in 2013?

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