New Year Resolutions 2013

David NicolI know, let’s get Christmas out of the way first, but then the next thing for most people is making their new year resolutions that they may, or may not, keep.

First, I’m going to stick to my indie author manifesto:

I will :-

  1. Produce professional quality work
  2. Fully develop characters and plot
  3. Not compromise my vision to please a specific market

Seondly, I’ve been doing my sums to work out how much I could potentially write over the course of 2013. I decided that out of the 365 days available I can realistically write on 350. So how much can I write in 350 days? Can I write another book in that time?

Well, I worked out that an acceptable length for the type of novel I write is in the region of 80,000 words. If I divide that by the days available then we’re looking at 229 words per day. TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE WORDS?! That’s nothing. I can do that in one breath (maybe… actually my wpm show fatal hypoxia in my near future if I try that). Anyway I can comfortably manage 1500 – 2000 words in one sitting of a couple of hours of pure writing.

So my new year resolutions are: Follow my indie author manifesto and write an average of 685 words per day.

With that new year’s resolution I’ll be looking at three complete drafts in a year. In total for 2013 I’ll be looking at releasing two finished books and one collection of short stories.

Will I stick to these new year resolutions? There’s only one way to find out. See you in 2013!

What are your New Year Resolutions, and did you stick to last years?

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